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BREAKING NEWS San Antonio! Men with Beards may be at greater risk of coronavirus.

Could your FACIAL hair put you at risk for coronavirus? CDC chart reveals that mutton chops and full beards could render a face mask useless - but a 'Hitler' mustache is safe

A new CDC infographic recommends 12 facial hairstyles appropriate for a mask or respirator including clean shaven, soul patch or a handlebar mustacheBut 20 styles including stubble, full beard and mutton chops could reduce the effectiveness of the respirator's exhalation valve if the two come into contactThe CDC also says the hair could pass the mask's seal, causing the hair to catch particles instead of filtering them

A soul patch may be bad fashion, but it might be better for protecting yourself from coronavirus than a Austin,TX hipster's beard, according to the top health officials in the US.

An infographic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows how different styles can prevent face masks and respirators from sealing against the face.

The chart was initially released in 2017, but has resurfaced after a top CDC official warned on Tuesday that it's no longer 'a question of if...but how many will be infected by the coronavirus in the US .

Being clean shaven or having side whiskers, soul patches and handlebar mustaches will allow the respirator mask to fit properly.

However, styles such as a stubble, a full beard, and mutton chops are not recommended because they would likely interfere with a respirator.

An infographic with 36 facial hairstyles shows which ones fit under a mask or respirator and which ones interfere the masks' effectiveness

** ⚠️ Update, March 4, 2020: Following the spread of this facial hair chart on social media, the CDC has updated the original blog post to reinforce that the image was not created as a guide during the coronavirus outbreak.

"This blog and infographic from 2017 are intended for workers who wear respirators at work," the disclaimer reads.

In total, the infographic lists 36 different facial hairstyles ranging from clean shaven to a fu manchu mustache that hangs below the chin.

The CDC recommends 12 styles as appropriate for a face mask: clean shaven, soul patch, side whiskers, pencil, toothbrush, lampshade, Zorro, Zappa, walrus, painter's brush, Chevron and handlebar,

However, a little stubble, a standard beard and dozens of other styles could reduce the effectiveness of the respirator's exhalation valve if the two come into contact.

The infographic says goatees, horseshoe and villain mustaches can work as long as hair doesn't cross the mask's seal.

The CDC says facial hair can't act as a filter because it is not dense enough, meaning individual hairs are too large to capture tiny particles.In fact, the agency says research has found facial hair under the sealing surface of a mask causes anywhere from 20 to 1000 times more leakage compared to those with clean-shaven faces.

Masks and respirators have been among the most widely used protective equipment to prevent the spread of the virus.But the CDC does not recommend routinely using respirators outside of workplace settings.As of March 9,2020, more than 108,000 people worldwide have been infected with coronavirus and more than 4,003 have died.So far, 564 cases have been confirmed in the US.

No matter what style of facial hair you sport, it's our humble opinion that all beards are beautiful. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, disagrees.Not all facial hair is created equal, according to a CDC infographic on the best facial hair styles suited to N95 respirator masks, which are intended to help shield you from airborne particles. In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) viral outbreak that began earlier this year in Wuhan, China, the image has made waves on Twitter this.

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